Reusable Water Bottles

A smart option by smart people!

Life begins in water, and we ingest it. Water is the principal solvent and transporter of nutrients, plays a crucial function in circulation, participates in all metabolic processes and elimination of toxic substances, assists digestion and regular bowel movements, and maintains electrolyte and acid-base balance. Therefore the quality not only the quantity of water to consume is fundamental.

Water is Earth’s most important substance, but only 0.4% of Earth’s water is drinkable. Industrialization and global warming threaten water and human health. We should daily consider water consumption, quality, and pollution prevention.

Use reusable water bottles to deal with the issue:

For less waste and money, we need to concentrate on efficiency as well as convenience. Energy is used to make, fill, transport, recycle, and destroy single use plastic water bottles. A specially developed reusable water bottle will reduce trash, landfill congestion, pollution, and energy use. Being able to fill a reusable bottle with tap water is more resource-efficient and obviously better for the planet than purchasing bottled water.

A really smart option is a reusable, refillable recyclable water bottle with its own filter, such as Water to Go. This way you have no need to worry about the quality of water as the filters are proven to eliminate all contaminants.

This type of water bottle is a great investment in your and the planet’s health. In addition to helping yourself remain hydrated, carrying a refillable water bottle is a terrific way to do your part in the fight to rescue the Earth. At best 23 per cent of single use water bottles used annually are recycled.

Benefits of using reusable water bottles:

Using a refillable water bottle with filter to have safe drinking water has several advantages:

  • Tap water is more bottled water:

Reports suggest that 64% of bottled water originates from municipal tap water sources, meaning consumers unintentionally pay for water that would otherwise be free or almost free, with very little control on quality. Due to the industry’s clever marketing, people may feel bottled water is purer and healthier than tap water. A nano technology filter is proven to make basic tap water, no matter the quality, clean healthy and safe to drink.

  • Drink more water:

Health depends on being hydrated. Dehydration affects the human body, which is 60% water. These smart technology water bottles encourage you to drink more water. Water helps with digestion, body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and joint cushioning.

Consistently consuming water enhances skin elasticity and a more radiant look. The skin, being the body’s biggest organ, is always in need of internal hydration due to its high cell turnover rate.

  • Help to save water:

About three times as much water is used in manufacturing a plastic water bottle than is contained inside it. Switch to a reusable, bottle with filter to save water straight away, and be sure about the quality of water you consume.

  • Spend less:

One way to save costs is to get a water bottle that can be used repeatedly. Just one of these filters will purify over 200 litres eliminating 400 single use bottles, at an ongoing cost of less than 10 cents US per litre!


Unfortunately, only a minute fraction of single use plastic water bottles are recycled. The rest end up in landfill and our oceans. One smart way to help the environment is to switch away from using single use plastic water bottles.

In sum, Water-to-go Ltd considers it its duty to promote the use of long-lasting, reusable water filtration bottles that spare the environment, save precious raw materials, and safeguard people’s health.